Of the significance of human voice as part of experience

20. toukokuu 2016

In Kone Foundation podcast-interview singer, artist and doctoral researcher Heidi Fast talks about her artistic research.

Studies Science and art Other

Aalto scientists editors of theme issue combining neurosciences and social sciences

13. huhtikuu 2016

Riitta Hari, Mikko Sams and Lauri Nummenmaa have edited the theme issue ‘Attending to and neglecting people’.

Science and art

The Most Beautiful Books of the Year: Conversations on Finnish Art Education

18. maaliskuu 2016

Conversations on Finnish Art Education won the Beautiful Book Prize 2015

Honored Science and art Studies

In-Between conference is open for registration

3. helmikuu 2016

The conference takes place over four days and in two locations: April 14th to 17th in Helsinki, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden

Studies Cooperation

Article ”Aesthetics in the Age of Digital Humanities” published

21. tammikuu 2016

Article ”Aesthetics in the Age of Digital Humanities” by Ossi Naukkarinen and Johanna Bragge in Journal of Aesthetics & Culture.

Science and art

Three-dimensional visual art requires movement and immediacy

7. joulukuu 2015

In her recent doctoral research, Riikka Mäkikoskela investigates the birth of three-dimensional works of art.

Science and art

Sculptural artwork can benefit from material printing and robotics

24. marraskuu 2015

A newly published dissertation examines the status of Finnish public sculpture and factors that are contributing pressure for change.

Science and art

Two new majors in Graphic Design

24. marraskuu 2015

Aalto University’s School of Art, Design and Architecture is pleased to announce two new major tracks.


Master's graduation peak this autumn

4. marraskuu 2015

This was the first time an Aalto ARTS graduation ceremony was held on the Otaniemi campus.


Pink Smoke got the Bogart Classic Award

28. lokakuu 2015

Congratulations to the Pink Smoke team for the Award at The 2015 Bogart Student Short Film Festival & Competition!


Anna Valtonen appointed Vice President of Art and creative practices

16. lokakuu 2015

Valtonen will also continue as full-time Dean of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture.


Six-metre tall sound sculpture crafted at Kampintori

22. syyskuu 2015

Artist Ariel Bustamante invites public to explore life choices through conversation and listening.

Science and art Cooperation Other

Customer perspective can provide a common language

17. syyskuu 2015

Is it possible to find a common language between business and design?

Cooperation Other

LEGO® + AALTO: Waving movement

9. syyskuu 2015

Again, we can be amazed when LEGO and students of Aalto University unify their forces for the third time.

Studies Cooperation

Lifting columns become a Mummotunkki (Granny jack) and a space divider that opens up into steps

7. syyskuu 2015

Aalto University presents fresh and inventive student design at Helsinki Design Week.

Studies Cooperation

GD alumna awarded at Reuben's

9. kesäkuu 2015



28.5. Media Lab Demo Day

20. toukokuu 2015

Our open for all spring party and “exhibition” Demo Day happens, as always, in the end of May.

Studies Other

Juuso Tervo was awarded to receive the 2015 Elliot Eisner Doctoral Research Award

8. huhtikuu 2015

Corrosive Subjectifications: Theorizing Radical Politics of Art Education in the Intersection of Jacques Rancière and Giorgio Agamben


New cinema opens its doors to the public

26. helmikuu 2015

Kino Sheryl, which has opened in Arabianranta, supports research and study of cinema.

Cooperation Other

The latest installation lectures available on video

9. helmikuu 2015

Aalto University's newly tenured professors gave lectures on the pressing issues in their respective fields.

Science and art

Narrative in Film course open screenings

6. helmikuu 2015

Narrative in Film course screenings are a series of ten films, each introduced by a professor or lecturer.


Science Fiction has a role to play in the design of the Internet of Things

30. tammikuu 2015

Stories are a useful tool for imagining how, for example, people use new technologies such as those designed for use in smart residential care homes.

Science and art

Aalto University visibly present at Frankfurt Book Fair

7. lokakuu 2014

Teaching innovations, graphic expertise, spatial design, art and literature.