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Aalto’s High-level Expertise Active in Haiti's Reconstruction

21.11.2014 The World Cultural Council (WCC) gave Research Manager Matti Kuittinen a Special Recognition Award for his pioneering work on decreasing the carbon footprint of construction and for his leadership of humanitarian projects. Besides the academic world, Kuittinen is also familiar with the chaotic conditions of the world’s crisis hotspots.

Albert Einstein award presented to cell communication researcher

18.11.2014 The awards ceremony kicked off the Academic Summit at Aalto University.

Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize goes to Pajtim Statovci

14.11.2014 The Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize has been won by Pajtim Statovci for his debut novel Kissani Jugoslavia (My Cat Yugoslavia).

Smart fabrics to Brussels

10.11.2014 Smart fabrics such as wearable electronics and e-textiles will be showcased at European Parliament in Brussels 17 -21 November.

Developing new uses and meanings leads to fresh innovations

28.10.2014 Finland's future is built not only on technological innovation, but also the ability to see things differently.

Designer fascinated by birch fibre

13.10.2014 Eveliina Netti used Ioncell developed at Aalto University to make a bow tie and handkerchief for men who appreciate ecology and a playful style.

Guggenheim jury members Juan Herreros and Mark Whigley to give open lectures

09.10.2014 Aalto University and the Guggenheim Foundation`s supplementary programme continues with the open lectures to be given by the jury members Juan Herreros and Mark Wigley.

A new Finnish educational game is set to take this year's Frankfurt Book Fair by storm

07.10.2014 German school pupils are set to be inspired by Finnish culture thanks to the FINNLAND.HOT. game being showcased at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair.

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