The Department of Art


Research in contemporary art, art education and mediating art belong to the main interest of Department of Art in Aalto University.

Academic teaching is based on research and thus research and its focus areas direct the contents in BA and MA curricula.

Research has to meet a wide territory of art practices; therefore the research groups cover many multidisciplinary areas, like new media, pedagogy, well-being practices, administrative studies, economics, etc., while the main area is art teaching, art theory, artistic research and art practices.


The focus areas are articulated as follows:

  • The relationship between art and education
  • The social and cultural signifigance of contemporary art
  • The importance of artistic and pedagogical interventions
  • The methodology of artistic research
  • New structures of visual culture and creative economy


Department of Art includes research in contemporary art, fine art, environmental art, art education, eLearning and multiform education, art based environmental education, design education, art curating, art mediating, media education and art in well-being

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