The Department of Art

Centre for General Studies (YoYo)


General studies include art and theory studies and language and communication studies. General studies are categorised as general compulsory studies that are part of a Bachelor’s degree and optional studies. Responsibility for organising general studies at the School of Art and Design lies with the Centre for General Studies (YoYo) in the Department of Art.

General art and theory studies are open for all students of the University.

Art and theory studies

Teaching is provided in six different areas:

Drawing and painting
Form and space
Colour and perception
Contemporary art workshops
Art history and theory.

Language Studies

Language teaching for the University of Art and Design is produced by the Language Centre at the School of Science at Aalto University and the Department of Communication at the School of Economics at Aalto University.

More info

General Studies Planner
Ms Anna-Kaisa Antinoja
anna.kaisa.antinoja [at] aalto [dot] fi

Study Coordinator
Ms Petra Bergstrom
petra.bergstrom [at] aalto [dot] fi

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